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Interview with Tim Beitzel.
(February, 2001)
ISGMN: First of all, introduce yourself. Give us your name, and a short bio.
TB: Tim Beitzel from Duncannon, PA which is a thriving metropolis of about 1400 people, 15 minutes north of the capital city, Harrisburg in the
South-Central part of the state. I have been singing for over 17 years, first
in groups and for the past 5 years as a soloist. My wife Melody and I have
been married for 14 years and we have two children...Alex, our son is almost 11 and Sarah, his little sister is 7.
ISGMN: Also, tell us about your relationship with Christ and how you came to know Him.
TB: I am one of the fortunate ones who grew up in the church and in a Christian home. I realized, however, when I was 18 years old that I could not inherit my parents salvation. It was in my bed in my room one night that I surrendered my life to Christ.
ISGMN: Please give us an example of how Christ has used a particular situation in your life to increase your faith in Him.
TB: Easy one...the decision to commit to full time ministry in January of 2000. When the date book isn't full and the bank account isn't either, there's no where else to go for the help than to the Lord Jesus! Isn't it just human
nature that we tend to lean less on God in times of plenty?
ISGMN: How long have you been singing Southern Gospel music?
TB: I've been singing as long as I can remember. My mom and dad always told me since I was three. I've been singing on the road since 1983.
ISGMN: What do you like best about singing SG music?
TB: Seeing the power in a song about Jesus in the lives of those who hear it.
ISGMN: Who are some of your favorite SG music artists and why?
TB: The Cathedrals were always role models to me, not just in their musical ability but in their sincerity and class. I admire songwriters who can write and singers who can sing. Male quartets are still my favorite...Gold City,
Legacy Five, Poet Voices number among my favorites.
ISGMN: Which group or artist has had the most influence on what and how you sing?
TB: Hard to pick one. When I was very young, groups like the Blackwood Brothers and The Blue Ridge Quartet were favorites. The Couriers greatly influenced  me as well, at first because of their fresh musical arrangements and later, as I got to know them, I appreciated their hearts for ministry.
ISGMN: Have you had the opportunity to meet or perform with any of your favorite artists? If so, tell us about it.
TB: Yes, I guess I've shared the platform with most of what you would call the "major groups" and singers through the years, though they probably haven't the foggiest idea who I am! Ha!
ISGMN: Give us a funny "road" story. Tell us about your most embarrassing or humorous moment while singing or traveling.
TB: It's always comical to see and hear someone introduce me who isn't sure how to pronounce my last name. (It's BITE sul, by the way). There have been lot's of funny incidents...guess I just can't pinpoint any right now.
ISGMN: How many bookings do you do per year?
TB: As many as I can safely cram into the date book! Ha! About 100...looking to do a little more.
ISGMN: Are a lot of the bookings repeats from previous dates?
TB: Yes.
ISGMN: How many recording projects have you done?
TB: Four.
ISGMN: What is the title of your most recent project?
TB: Listen
ISGMN: Who produced your last project?
TB: Tim James and Tom Keel
ISGMN: Which studio did you use for your most recent project?
TB: Harvest Field Studio and Pine Grove Studio
ISGMN: Do you write any of your songs?
TB: Yes
ISGMN: How many songs were written by you?
TB: Five
ISGMN: What process do you go through to select the songs for your project?
TB: Make a big list...start trying to sing the songs...cross some out...repeat.
ISGMN: Do you use a booking agent? If not, have you ever considered it?
TB: I don't use one because I haven't found one who's interested yet!
Unfortunately, about the time someone wants to be your agent, you don't need him.
ISGMN: If you book yourself, how do you get your bookings?
TB: Word of mouth, internet (web site, etc), phone calls, direct mail and lots of prayer.
ISGMN: Do you use a promo pack? If so, what do you put in it?
TB: I have sent out a lot of different types of promo packs. Currently, I  generally send out a CD and a brochure. Most of the time, people prefer to just visit the web site.
ISGMN: If you are a songwriter, what kind of advice or tips can you give to other songwriters?
TB: Write something that someone else hasn't already written. Consider topics that are unique. Write Biblically correct songs.
ISGMN: As an artist, what advice can you give to others on how to get started?
TB: Sing, sing, sing and then sing some more. Work harder on your relationship to Christ than you ever work on promoting your "ministry". First things first.
ISGMN: While you are not on the road, what home church do you
TB: Asbury UM Church, Duncannon, PA
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