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Interview with The Crandall Brothers.
(March, 2001)
ISGMN: First of all, introduce yourselves. Give us your names, your group name and a short bio.
CB: The Crandall Brothers are Lee (tenor) Tim (lead) and Dave (baritone).  We began our ministry in 1969 in Vallejo, California at the Assembly of  God church where our father, Rev. M.F. Crandall pastored.  The group was comprised of Lee, Dave and eldest brother Dwight. Dwight was 24 years
of age, Lee was 17 and Dave was 10.  We would sing hymns and other gospel songs during offering time and do a "special" now and then. Our church and other churches in the area would join together for what was called exchange services and each church would have special music and preaching. Before long we were being invited to other local churches for small concerts. God  began to bless more and more invitations to other churches came.
ISGMN: Also, tell us about your relationship with Christ and how you came to know Him.
CB: Our whole family was raised in church, but there came a time when we had to commit our lives to Christ. Lee was 5 years old when he came to Jesus at a little Assembly of God church in Lawndale, Ca.  I (Dave) was 8 when I was saved. For a long time I continued to sing but was secretly  living a life not pleasing to God. In 1980 I recommitted my life to Christ. Tim in 1983 after nearly losing his life to a drug overdose cried out to God and was saved and delivered. We thank God for his mercy.
ISGMN: Please give us an example of how Christ has used a particular situation in your life to increase your faith in Him.
CB: It seems our faith in Christ is increased with every service we go to as people are saved and touched by His power. Recently a special event took place when we discovered our mother had been diagnosed with cancer. After the surgery was complete the doctor told us it was not really needed.
What he went in to get simply wasn't there any more. God had healed her completely.
ISGMN: How long have you been singing Southern Gospel music?
CB: We just celebrated  31 years as a ministry. Our music mostly identifies with the Southern Gospel style but we just  like to be known as a music ministry of an anointed "style".
ISGMN: Which group or artist has had the most influence on what and how you sing?
CB: We were influenced by some of the "old time" gospel groups such as Hovie Lister and The Statesmen, The Blackwoods, The Stamps, And too many others to name. Lee was especially influenced by the late Rosie Rozelle. In 1970, when Rosie had a group called The Searchers, we met him for the first time at a church where they were singing and we were the "warm -up" group. He was a very gracious man. In the 1970's we used to sing at the Oakland Civic Center at concerts sponsored by Polly Grimes. Groups like The above mentioned and many others would perform.
ISGMN: Give us a funny "road" story. Tell us about your most embarrasing or humorous moment while singing or traveling.
CB: There have been so many humorous stories I could tell but I'll share just one. We were in Fresno, Ca. to sing at a Sunday afternoon concert. The church was in a building program at the time so we were setting up our sound in the gymnasium. Me and our former lead singer Dale Durant had a volley ball and were playing basket ball with it. Lee was carrying in some of the equipment (with no help from us!) and he was clear at the other end of the gym. He said "C'mon guys!! Let's get set up!!"  After one last shot at the hoop the ball bounced once and I hit it with my fist and it took off. Clear to the other end of the gym. Before I could say "look out" or anything, the ball hit lee right in the stomach and knocked the wind out of him. He dropped to his knees and said with very little air " I'm gonna get you for this". We still laugh about it as if it happened yesterday.
ISGMN: How many bookings do you do per year?
CB: We currently travel about 130 days per year. There are a lot of churches that we go to on an annual basis. Lee and Tim do preach and we hold revival meetings as well.
ISGMN: How many recording projects have you done?
CB: We just completed our 11th recording. We hope to have it released in April of this year. We are calling this one "A Message in Time". We do our recordings with Benson Sound in Oklahoma City. Larry Benson ( who played with Jake Hess and The Imperials)  produced. We have been working with Larry since 1975.
ISGMN: Do you or anyone in your group write any of your songs?
CB: None of us currently write songs. However Dwight did  write a song that we recorded back in 1989, called "In Death He Rent The Vail".
ISGMN: What process do you go through to select the songs for your project?
CB: We try to select songs that have a clear message and that will draw some one to Christ. A lot of the songs we do are very old songs that we put our own arrangement to. Songs like "My Jesus I Love Thee" or "The Message Of His Coming". These songs have been around for many years but the message is still very real for today.
ISGMN: Do you use a booking agent? If not, have you ever considered it?
CB: We don't have an agent for bookings. Lee takes care of bookings. I would say that about 90% of the bookings are the result of pastors and others making contact with us. God has blessed and provided. Our web site is helpful in getting out info about our group as well. If I may, the web site is . When a booking is made we send out a promo pack that will include a recording and some picture and poster material and a letter of confirmation for the event.
ISGMN: As a group, what advice can you give to others in how to get started?
CB: As for any advice for those thinking about music ministry, I would say simply, be led by the Spirit of God and be anointed so people will be won to Christ.
ISGMN: While you are not on the road, what home church do you attend?
CB: Tim and I live in the same town, Los Banos, Ca. and when we are not traveling his wife and kids and mine as well attend Calvary Assembly of God in the town of Hilmar. Lee lives in Rohnert Park, Ca. and attends New Hope Assembly of God in Cotati,Ca.

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