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Interview with Jenkins Sisters & Company.
(January, 2001)
ISGMN: First of all, introduce yourselves. Give us your names, your group name and a short bio.

JS&C: Jenkins Sisters & Company based out of Fort Worth, Tx. Been in Full time ministry since June 1995. Our style is primarily Southern Gospel with a country flair. We are a trio and sing with our music on tracks.  The trio consists of Angie Jenkins, soprano and group manager; Nella Jenkins, sister to Angie, alto and emcee and newswriter; and Brent Gregg - the 'company' of the group.  Brent sings lead, maintains the equipment and shares driving duty with Nella.
ISGMN: Also, tell us about your relationships with Christ and how you came to know him.

JS&C: Angie: I was saved as a small child of 5. Brent & Nella was saved as children also.  We've all been in church all of our lives.

ISGMN: Please give us an example of how Christ has used a particular situation in your lives to increase your faith in Him.

JS&C: Angie: I was instantly healed of corn allergies.  So many foods have corn/corn products that I was extremely allergic to.  In July 1994, God healed me. Space does not allow me to expound on other faith building memorials.
Nella: I remember one time when we needed 700.00 and didn't know where it was coming from.  We prayed and went to the post office.  We had a card/check from Karen Peck of New River and guess how much the check was for?  That's right!  700.00!  God is so detailed and awesome.
ISGMN: How long have you been singing Southern Gospel music?
JS&C: We've had a sisters trio for 25 years and have always sang Southern Gospel.
ISGMN: What do you like best about singing SG music? 
JS&C: The message in the songs.  Southern Gospel ministers and the focus is not on the beat or loudness but the words.
ISGMN: Who are some of your favorite SG music artists and why?
JS&C: Karen Peck & new River - they are REAL plus I love their songs, their style and their music.  The Crabb Family are also favorites - each one of them are genuine and love radiates from them.  Gerald is an awesome song writer.  We've always loved the Hinsons & Hemphills.
ISGMN: Which group or artist has had the most influence on what and how you sing?

JS&C: I would have to say Hinsons, Hemphills (I loved Candy's voice) and Karen Peck has always been an influence.  The family groups harmony like the Rambos, Hinsons & Hemphills have been a major influence in our group.
ISGMN: Have you had the opportunity to meet or perform with any of your favorite artists? If so, tell us about it.

JS&C: Many of them.  One of our greatest thrills is being one of the artists on the Jubilee at Sea.  The same cruise we sing on is also the one that has the Crabbs, Karen Peck & New River, Perry's, Jeff & Sherry Easter, Wilburns, plus a dozen others.  We're big fans of all our friends in the industry.
ISGMN: Give us a funny "road" story. Tell us about your most embarrasing or humorous moment while singing or traveling.

JS&C: Angie: We were at a very small church and it was almost time for service to start.  I had on a real full skirt with a long top that came down to my knees. I checked my skirt on both sides and made sure( I thought) that my skirt was down.  There was not a floor length mirror in the bathroom unfortunately.  As I came down the aisle on my way to the front pew, Nella noticed my slip was caught in my panty hose and managed to pull it out before I really made a spectacle!
Nella: One time at a big convention, we were introduced and as I walked on stage and stepped over a cord, my heel caught in my dress and sent me to my knees!
ISGMN: How many bookings do you do per year?                                   

JS&C: 125-175

ISGMN: Are a lot of the bookings repeats from previous dates?

JS&C: Yes. We love going back to the same places, but we also love new places and meeting new people. We are always invited back, but sometimes our travels take us different directions.

ISGMN: How many recording projects have you done?

JS&C: 11

ISGMN: What is the title of your most recent project?

JS&C: Request Time ...The Wait is Almost Over

ISGMN: Who produced your last project? 

JS&C: JSC Promotions

ISGMN: Which studio did you use for your most recent project?

JS&C: Lake Sound, Keller, Tx for mixing and mastering.  Vocals and tracks at CRS Studio, Riverdale, CA. We've used Harvest Studio in Huntington, WV. with good results.

ISGMN: Do you or anyone in your group write any of your songs?

JS&C: Yes, Angie & Nella both write. We also have some writers who write for us.

ISGMN: How many songs were written by you or someone in your group?

JS&C: Angie - I have written around 20-25.
Nella has written 35-40.
ISGMN: What process do you go through to select the songs for your project?

JS&C: Listen, listen, listen!  We have a lot of songs 'pitched' to us, but I listen for the message and of course the tune.  If the songs touches my heart or makes a statement that hits home, it's a possibility.  Most tunes can be customized with music to fit our style.

ISGMN: Do you use a booking agent? If not, have you ever considered it?

JS&C: Not presently.  We're praying for one!  Angie does all our booking and would love to have some of the pressure lifted by having an agent.

ISGMN: If you book yourself, how do you get your bookings?

JS&C: By referrals from pastors, other groups and cold calling.
ISGMN: Do you use a promo pack? If so, what do you put in it?

JS&C: Yes, we have a 1 page bio and a second page of facts, referrals and discography.  We also include a B&W glossy 8X10 photo and I generally include a cruise brochure.  We invite the promoter or pastor to hear an audio clip on our web page, but will follow up with a tape or CD upon request.

ISGMN: For the songwriters in your group, what kind of advice or tips can you give to other songwriters?

JS&C: Angie: Write from the heart, but let the words and music flow, & let it rhyme.  Rewrite if necessary to get a better song.
Nella: always rewrite!
ISGMN: As a group, what advice can you give to other groups or artists on how to get started?

JS&C: Pray, practice, do benefits and go where you're invited.  Don't think too highly of yourself - be open for constructive criticism and learn from your peers.  Sing original songs and don't try to be someone else - be yourself.
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