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  Interview with Lenora Starrick
(April, 2001)
ISGMN:  Normally, we don't usually ask this question in an interview, but I think it is appropriate in this instance. How old are you?

LS:  13
ISGMN:  Introduce yourself. Give us a short bio.

LS:  My name is Lenora Elizabeth Starrick I'm thirteen years old, my birthday is December 16 (so you have plenty of shopping days left- LOL)!  I live in Marion, Kentucky, about thirty miles from Kentucky and Barkley Lakes and the Land Between the Lakes National Park.  I have one older sister, Sarah, age fourteen, two dogs, nine cats, two geese and a bunch of ducks- and of course mom and dad!
ISGMN:  Also, tell us about your relationship with Christ and how you came to know Him.

LS:  At the age of four I was saved in an open air camp meeting at the West Kentucky Camp Meeting of the Church of God.  Some people say that I was too young?  I have been raised in Christian Schools and Home schooling, and started pre-school at the age of three, so I knew what it was about when I felt God calling me to the altar that night.  I was baptized a couple weeks later at my home church.
ISGMN:  What is your favorite bible verse?

LS:  I have two favorite stories, I don't know that I have just a verse?  They are the stories of Ruth and Queen Esther.  I enjoy them both.
ISGMN:  Please give us an example of how Christ has used a particular situation in your life to increase your faith in Him.

LS:  I guess this would have to be from watching my mom and dad?  They have carried me to singings before when we didn't really have the money to go, but they felt it necessary to go, and God has always provided.  I have seen big churches not even pay our gas and then a really little church will out give the next week and make up for it.
ISGMN:  How long have you been singing Southern Gospel music?

LS:  I have been singing in public all my life!  I sang in front of our church when I was three and did a solo at my pre-school graduation (so they say).  Two years ago last February I began to feel the call of God to sing full time for God.  I told my mom and dad and they said we'd pray about it.  After that, I started getting asked to sing at community singings at area churches, then revivals, homecomings, and then full concerts.
ISGMN:  Do you consider yourself a part-time or full-time SG singing artist?

LS:  I go any time I can get booked, so I guess full time.  I'm a full time eighth grader, and my dad pays my bills!
ISGMN:  What do you like best about singing SG music?

LS:  My favorite thing about Gospel music is that it always has a powerful message in every song.
ISGMN:  Who are some of your favorite SG music artists and why?

LS:  Greater Vision, because of their sound and the message in the songs that Rodney writes.
ISGMN:  Have you had the opportunity to meet or perform with any of your favorite SG artists? If so, tell us about it.

LS:  I had the opportunity to open a concert for the Steeles and do a break for the Nelons ( I also sang on a local TV telethon with the Nelons).  But the most cool thing was last year in Jackson, Tennessee.  I won the Frank Arnold Songfest Talent search and got to open the night concert for a bunch of big artists; Jeff and Sheri Easter, Arnolds, Gold City, Karen Peck, in front of about three thousand people, now that was cool!
ISGMN:  Has it been tough to mingle your singing ministry with school and family?

LS:  It hasn't been too rough because we home school.  My family is very supportive of all this.
ISGMN:  Give us a funny "road" story. Tell us about your most embarrassing or humorous moment while singing or traveling.

LS:  The most embarrassing time for me was in Eagleville, Tennessee.  After the concert several young people came up to me to talk to me and they were crowding around me asking me stuff and I fell off the stage!
ISGMN:  How many bookings do you do per year?

LS:  Last year I did about 150 dates, but they were not all full concerts.  Some were just two or three songs at revivals.  Probably about twenty full concerts last year.  But I'd like to do a lot more!
ISGMN:  Are a lot of the bookings repeats from previous dates?

LS:  A few of them are around here at home.
ISGMN:  How many recording projects have you done?

LS:  One CD.  One video.  I am scheduled to be in the studio April 2nd, 2001 for the second project.
ISGMN:  What is the title of your most recent project?

LS:  A Touch of Heaven
ISGMN:  Who produced your last project?

LS:  Mr. Russell Sims
ISGMN:  Which studio did you use for your most recent project?

LS:  Sound Control in Nashville.
ISGMN:  Do you write any of your songs?

LS:  I wish!
ISGMN:  What process do you go through to select the songs for your project?

LS:  Me and mom and dad listen and listen.  This next project will be songs that people have requested from my concerts.  They have all already been charted by other people.
ISGMN:  Do you use a booking agent? If not, have you ever considered it?

LS:  No- Yes.  My producer is supposed to starting a booking agency, but it hasn't happened yet.
ISGMN:  If you book yourself, how do you get your bookings?

LS:  Dad talks a lot on the internet about me. Word of mouth from pastors whose churches I've been in and people that hear my songs on the radio call.
ISGMN:  Do you use a promo pack? If so, what do you put in it?

LS:  We have a "Pastor Pak" that has a biography, a picture and a CD. It also has recommendations from pastors and the web site address.
ISGMN:  As an artist, what advice can you give to others on how to get started?

LS:  Sing any where you can.
ISGMN:  While you are not on the road, what home church do you attend?

LS:  Marion Second Baptist- and we love it!
I think that it is an honor and it's fun to sing Gospel music.  My prayer is that if it is God's will for my life, I'd like to sing full time for ever.
ISGMN:  I would like to add that I have personally heard Lenora's CD and it is great! She has a very strong voice & I believe we will see much more of Lenora in the future. If you have not heard her CD, I would encourage you to do so. They are available at her website. CD's are $15.00 & Cassettes are $10.00 plus shipping.

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